PCB-Support offer a wide range of services.

PCB design requires integration of a number of techinical disciplines. Electrical knowledge and a good understanding of EMC and signal integrity, combined with a technical understanding of mechanical design, fabrication and assembly technology. This is needed to ensure that the final product will be functional.

We have the experience and extensive knowledge that is required to obtain an optimal solution.

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We offer:

  • Drawing of schematics – fully or partially
  • Generating the schematic symbols
  • Generating the footprints - either from the data sheet, IPC or customer requirements.
  • Rule-based PCB Layout
    • Trace width and clearances divided into classes, impedance controlled traces – single ended and diff. pairs,
      matched lengths of traces etc.
    • 3D rules for components and mechanics
  • Complex Analog, Digital and RF Design
  • EMC and SI correct design
  • Help for PCB buildup
    • Impedance calculations
    • Technology choice, blind and buried vias
    • Selection of materials
    • Optional µVias
  • Delivery of complete data package ready for production. Check Design Flow


PCB Technology
We make designs for all types of PCBs. We are also able to assist with an appropriate supplier.
We use customer libraries. We can build components from customer requirements or use our standard IPC library.
3D Visualization
Software from Altium Designer and Allegro® allows us to make mechanical reviews.
We have good contact with our partners in electronics development, testing, mechanics, assembly and printing supplies.