Ecad software

In order to achieve our goal we use ECAD software from Cadence (OrCAD/Allegro) or Altium Designer, but other utility software is often necessary. Generating footprints we do with software correlating with the IPC standard. To verify/change the 3D models, a 3D CAD program can be relevant.

When calculating a microstrip, stripline or differential pairs (impedance calculation) software is a must, but advanced PCB structures call for close cooperation with the PCB manufacturer. Furthermore, there are rules for electrical conductor spacing (IPC2221) and requirements for crosstalk where software is a big help. Calculations of temperatures in heat sinks, vias, PCBs etc. also require software. To verify our documentation data we always use a third-party tool, to be sure that everything is correct.

We have the tools and the expertise to make sure everything is in its place.


PCB Layout Værktøjer:

We use the following software:

  • Cadence® OrCAD® Capture CIS
  • Cadence® Allegro® Design Entry HDL
  • Cadence® OrCAD® / Cadence® Allegro®
  • PCB Router (Spectra) / PCB Editor
  • Altium Designer (earlier Protel)

We import from many other tools.

Other tools:

  • Library Expert Pro
  • LP Wizard
  • CAM350
  • GC-Prevue
  • WISE 2581
  • With more …




PCB Technology
We design all types of printed circuit boards. We are also able to refer you to an appropriate PCB supplier.
We use customer libraries. We build components according to customer requirements or use our standard IPC library.
3D Visualization
Software from Altium Designer and Allegro® allows us to make mechanical reviews.
We are in close contact with our partners in the fields of electronics development, testing, mechanics, assembly and circuit board supplies.