Hardware Design

We are an important part of the design phase when developing electronic hardware. From idea and schematics to PCB layout and ordering the first prototype.
A PCB is today a very important component of the total electrical construction. Especially in relation with high-speed signals, it is important that the materials and the PCB stackup are dimensioned accurately for the purpose.

But also integrated circuits with fast rise times can cause problems, even at low frequencies.Therefore it is important that component placement is as optimal as possible, such that e.g. decoupling capacitors and termination components get the best possible effect.

In cooperation with your engineers, we develop the schematic fully or partially.

Schematic drawing is done in Altium Designer or Capture/OrCAD from Cadence, see also Ecad software

PCB Technology
We make designs for all types of PCBs. We are also able to assist with an appropriate supplier.
We use customer libraries. We can build components from customer requirements or use our standard IPC library.
3D Visualization
Software from Altium Designer and Allegro® allows us to make mechanical reviews.
We have good contact with our partners in electronics development, testing, mechanics, assembly and printing supplies.