Who are we?

PCB-Support ApS is a consulting company established in 2009, originating from the mobile phone development sector in Northern Jutland.

Since 1998, our main task has been PCB layout.
From 1998-2008 we were a part of the mobile phone Development sector in the companies Bosch Telecom, Siemens Mobile, BenQ and Motorola.

Motorola chose to close down their development center in Aalborg in December 2008. This led to new opportunities, and we founded our own consulting company in March 2009.
With vast experience and a solid network we founded the company and we now have customers throughout the country, as well as some abroad.
One of our core areas are embedded designs of all kinds. From the very simple design with few components to highly complex boards with advanced PCB Technology and several thousand components, impedance and length matched high-speed signals, diff. pairs, RF, Analog, Power, etc.
Flex and Flexrigid PCBs, which are common in cell phones, are gaining more and more ground in the products of today and it is indeed one of the more rapidly growing areas.
Continuous improvement of our tools has allowed us to 3D visualize to a greater extent, and we use this a lot in mechanical challenging tasks.

We love our work, and work dedicated with all tasks regardless of size.